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We're James and Heidi of J.W. Photography and we want to thank you for stopping by our page! A little more about us behind the camera. My passion for Photography started as a young child. I started out playing with pin- hole cameras and then started experimenting with darkroom chemicals for hours at a time in my grandparents bathroom. Through High School and College I apprenticed with an Award Winning Photographer in Central, Ohio. Later I joined the Navy and became a certified EMT/Firefighter.


After my wife Heidi had our youngest son, we decided to take my passion for photography and turn it into a career. Heidi loving photography as well then started to assist me on a few shoots and from there she was eager to expand her knowledge for photography more by taking classes and competing with me when shooting a wedding.Then together as a husband and wife team we started to create very classic and artistic styles of portraits from two unique views. I couldn't be any happier than having my best friend, my back bone help in sharing and capturing the expressions and individual personalities of each one of our clients and making that personal connection with every person we photograph.


A little bit about James next to photography:


  • Loves to Ski
  • Enjoys Scuba Diving
  • I love reading and learning everything possible ( I guess you can call me a book worm!)
  • I love traveling (My goal is to travel around the world someday)
  • I admit I am a tech geek
  • I love all types of music (but ole skool I rock out the most!)
  • Heidi will tell you that I take longer than her getting ready.
  • I will eat anything (as long as it doesn't eat me first!)
  • I was a rink rat growing up (anyone thats skates can totally relate!)
  • I am pretty sure I have adult A.D.D (anything shiny captures my eye)
  • Most of all I enjoy spending time with my family

A little more about Heidi next to photography:


  • If you saw me, you would never guessed I was a total tom-boy growing up
  • I LOVE sports (even more than James)
  • I have been to almost every state in the U.S and two other countries
  • I am Polynesian (so my nickname in school was pineapple)
  • I'm terrified of mice but like snakes (weird, huh?)
  • I love to cuddle with my boys
  • I LOVE vacations
  • I dislike watching my boys grow up way to fast :(
  • My new addiction is Turtle mocha's from Caribou coffee
  • My boys melt my heart! and yes you to James=)


We have two wonderful boys and have been married for over 10 years, we love traveling and spending time with our families. Most of all we are blessed to be able to do what we LOVE and we thank God everyday for blessing us with that opportunity.



We are excited to announce that we are part of the ACPCG.Org (American Child Photography Guild Program) infant bereavement photography foundation. After losing a child of our own we wanted to be apart of this program. They offer a great service to parents of children who are still born or pass shortly after birth, at absolutely no cost to the parents. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always willing to donate our time for anyone in need of us for this cause.


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